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Princess (July 2017)

I am a German Shepherd named Princess and I want to tell you about my friend, Dr. Brad.  When my mom rescued me almost three years ago, I came with a lot of baggage and an unknown past. One of my main issues is I won't get in the car because it means bad things to me. I am lucky that my mom learned about Dr. Brad's mobile vet services. All of my shots are now up to date and he is making sure I stay healthy. When he comes to my house he gets down on the floor and pays me a lot of fun attention while secretly checking me out. He is very patient about my issues; but I still won't get into his mobile unit. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he will win me over and I will jump in with my tail wagging. I love Dr. Brad and I know you will too! Although I am very smart I haven't yet learned to write so my mom had to write this for me. (I love her!)


Ron and Susan Zinke (June 2017)

“Wouldn’t it be amazing, if your personal physician would perform thorough medical examinations, provide you with medications, and even perform some surgeries using up-to-date surgical equipment, all in the comfort of your own home or in their mobile clinic/hospital?”

Well, we know for us humans that this is only a dream but it is a reality for your pet.  Dr. Brad Dalrymple, DVM, of Veterinary Partners, mobile vet service, does just that!  Dr. Brad treated our 100-pound, 12-year old German Shepherd who could no longer be transported, as well as, one of our cats who had issues with toenail trimming.  In both cases, Dr. Brad quickly won their trust and successfully performed the necessary veterinary procedures with unprecedented professional expertise and compassion.  

For our family of pets, gone are the days of being transported in animal cages to a veterinary clinic where they are all but traumatized, even before they receive an examination!


Justin, Lisa, Jake, Maxwell, Cammy, Thunder, and Chase Smith (May 2017)

We have known Dr. Brad for several years now.  His love for animals is evident in all he does.  We know that without a doubt, our dogs and cats receive the best care with a kind, patient touch.  His work ethic and integrity surpasses all others along with a knowledge of animals that never fails to amaze us.  After another vet misdiagnosed our cat’s infection, Dr. Brad's diagnosis and treatment was just what our cat needed!  We are thankful to still have Thunder today.  Whether doing the math for a prescription to be made specifically for one of our pets, following up on how our pets are doing or answering the phone in a time of need, he is always there for all of us. 

The Hills (May 2017)

I am a wife, the mother of two boys, and I also work full-time. Vet Partners and Dr. Brad, in particular, have been a blessing to my family and to our beloved senior cat, Harley. With hectic work, school and after-school schedules, finding enough time to take Harley to the vet has always been a challenge. As Harley has aged, his ability to handle the stress of the car rides and the chaos of the veterinarian’s office has significantly diminished. At the same time, his need for vigilant health care has increased.  
We have found Dr. Brad to be a very good veterinarian. He and his team are professional, knowledgeable, punctual, kind and patient with both Harley and his humans. The fact that Vet Partners comes to our home is an incredible bonus. When I weigh in the time-saving factor and convenience of this mobile service,  I think we come out ahead cost-wise. 
Our family feels very fortunate to have Vet Partners taking care of our precious kitty. 


Vic and Sharon Conner (July 2017)

We sincerely Thank Dr. Brad Dalrymple and his assistant Bret for their professionalism and compassion when caring for our beloved Callie. Unfortunately she had to be put to rest. Their caring attitude made it much easier on us to lose our old friend. If/when we get another pet he will be our 1st choice for a Veterinarian to care for that pet.

Laurence and Riley (July 2017)

Couldn't be more thankful! Regarding July 3rd surgery on Riley; I contacted Dr. Brad regarding a serious issue my 10 year old male American Rednose Pitbull had developed. I had made what I now consider a mistake, of never having had my best buddy neutered. Unfortunately, this puts a male dog at risk, especially later in life. Dr. Brad went above and beyond to make sure I was aware of all the potential risks we could be facing with my best buddy Riley the pitbull. Between myself, my budget, and Dr. Brad's recommendations, we formed a plan of action. A biopsy following surgery was going to complete the picture of just how bad off Riley likely was. With luck on our side, combined with Dr. Brad's expertise, Riley is now living a much more comfortable life with improved activity/energy and even alertness. Its now up to mother nature how long we really still have. Considering how things were looking, I'm very hopeful that Riley's life clock now has more time left on it than we initially thought possible.

Dr. Brad and his assistant Brett were initially called, along with other Vets, because I knew my dog was in need of surgery. Also, because my dog has spent his life mainly in very close proximity to me, in a very quiet home. I had big concerns about taking him to a strange location with potentially scary smells and sounds. Some years ago, I had an elderly dog pass away at a Vet's office among strangers. This left me with certain regrets due to the clarity of "Hindsight". As well, after Dr. Brad spent more time counseling me and answering all my questions than other Vet office's had done, I knew choosing this option was without question right for us.

Choosing Dr. Brad and his assistant Brett, is now my default choice in any and all future Vet care needs. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend this Veterinary mobile unit team, to anyone in need of a vet. You simply can not go wrong with these guys.

A big thank you to Dr. Brad and Brett!

The Mancells (June 2017)

My family and I are so very thankful to Dr. Brad. Our 18 year old cat that we love so much absolutely had to be put down on fathers day, yesterday. Dr.Brad came all the way to north phoenix and had to take a break from his lovely day and family to help us through this process and he did so with no hesitation. We are extremely thankful. Your such an amazing Dr. and we will continue to use your services. Your truly an amazing person, you can tell your heart is in your job. I don't know how you do it. But I love that we have strong people who can. Once again thank you so much from the Mancell family for helping us through this process especially on a holiday! Your amazing. 

Dave (June 2017)

I highly recommend Dr Brad and Brett. They have been out to take care of our 5 dogs a couple times now.  He is extremely caring, patient, and friendly. My dogs get very excited to see him and actually run into his Van to greet him. Dr Brad always followed up within a couple days of his visit to make sure everyone is still good or if we had any questions. Especially for the convenience of them coming to my home and the care my pets receive (and look forward too), I wont go to anyone else !!

Thanks Doc !! :)

Erin G. (June 2017)

Dr. Brad is a compassionate and caring veterinarian....we are so happy we found him! He is very knowledgable, buthe also has the ability to explain things in a way that is understandable. He and his technician Brett took care of our older dog Lucy yesterday and we could not be happier. She was actually wagging her tail at them when they brought her in after a long surgery! If you are looking for a veterinary team who will care for your pets as if they were their own, you have found it!

Robin and Kerry (May 2017)

We first met Dr. Brad almost one year ago when our cat was very sick and our regular vet wasn't in.  Being overprotective pet parents we reluctantly agreed to see him that day.  Boy, are we ever glad we did!  He was wonderful!  Not only is he knowledgeable but he really takes the time to listen, can explain things in a way that is easy to understand and is always willing to go the extra mile for his patients.  He is very compassionate in his treatment of the animals as well as the people!  He treats everyone like family and always has the animals best interest at heart.  Dr. Brad truly cares about his patients and always follows up in the days following the appointment to see how things are going.  We love Dr. Brad and are so excited that we met him that day.  We are so happy that he has the mobile clinic now as it makes appointments so much more convenient and less stressful for our entire family!

willow jumping barrels.png

Willow & Jill (March 2017)

Hi, I’m Willow, a seven year old, Morgan mare.  My human originally started acupuncture for my overall health maintenance. However, with Dr. Tavel, I have improved so much more. She has helped me use my front and back legs together in a more cohesive way. I am now comfortable jumping, when I wasn’t before, and am much more balanced when I carry my human at the canter. Another fantastic change has been with my hormones. I used to get cramps every 21 days.  Of course this looked a lot like colic and used to scare my human,  but now all of that is gone. I actually enjoy my treatments and just relax into it as the needles, and Dr. Tavel, do their magic.