Equine Services

We provide an integration of Eastern and Western medicine to optimize your horse's health and performance - including preventative care and acupuncture.

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Preventative Medicine

  • Wellness Examinations
  • Vaccinations
  • Nutritional Consultation and Weight Evaluations


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Routine and corrective dentistry using Powerfloat Technology

Internal Medicine

Including but not limited to the assessment of metabolic conditions, respiratory disease, gastrointestinal (colic, ulcers, etc) ailments, neurologic conditions, eye problems (ulcers, uveitis)

Geriatric Evaluations

Complete assessment of the older horse including recommendations on feeding, exercise, dental care, hoof care, metabolic disease evaluation and management

Travel Documents

Coggins forms, interstate and international health certificates

Lameness and Musculoskeletal Exam

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Minor Surgical Procedures

Laceration repairs, mass removals, castrations

Digital Radiology

Evaluation of bone structures of the limbs and head with immediate visualization of images at the farm